What does a business operations analyst do

What does a business analyst do?

Trust is good. Control is better.

This saying is considered the life and, above all, work motto of business analysts. They check which strategies can be used to improve company processes and monitor the economic and technical implementation of new requirements. Experienced business analysts oversee the entire process System development and strategic development a company.

Would you like to be a process manager, coordinator and mediator between the business and IT world at the same time? We give you an overview of the job as a business analyst.

What are your tasks?

As a business analyst, you investigate Business processes and take care of the requirements engineering. In German: Requirements management. This means that you identify, analyze, prioritize and formulate the complex requirements for processes and IT systems. Both from the perspective of your company and from the customer's perspective. You will not only recognize existing problems, but also new opportunities. You "translate" the requirements of the specialist departments for the application developers so that the concepts and guidelines you have created are translated into appropriate ones IT solutions can be implemented. You coordinate the pragmatic feasibility with the IT department. At the same time you pay attention economical product solutionsthat fit the business strategy. Until implementation, you ensure that everyone involved works well together. You lead and document the technical development - and all without losing sight of the time frame. You also support the final Testing and quality assurance.

The professional field is still relatively young, but it is already very important to companies. This is also shown by the growing number of job vacancies for IT graduates.