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Flights to Melbourne: options, tips, comparison & great deals

About the subject "Flights Melbourne"You can find some interesting and a lot of helpful information. Besides Sydney, by far the largest and busiest airport in Australia is Melbourne Airport, which is about twenty kilometers from the city center. It is still often referred to by its old name Tullamarine Airport. With Its short distance of around 700 kilometers to Sydney in relation to the approach route from Europe are very similar to those for the Australian rival metropolis.


Possible flights, routes & airlines


Flights to & from Melbourne

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East & West route

Both the kangaroo route between Europe and Melbourne in an easterly direction and the connections on the western route make sense for international long-haul flights. The choice of western routes is slightly larger for Sydney, while some airlines fly to Melbourne on the kangaroo route that do not go to Sydney. In general, travelers from Europe should take a look at London, where, due to its historical ties to England and the Commonwealth, there are many exclusive flight connections to Melbourne.


Terminals 1 & 2 with airlines

Melbourne Airport has four terminals, which are divided according to airlines and destinations. Domestic air traffic for Qantas and its subsidiary Jetstar is handled in Terminal 1. The international connections and airlines are located in Terminal 2. This also includes the intercontinental destinations of Qantas and the aviation alliance "Oneworld", of which Qantas is a founding member.


Terminals 3 & 4 with airlines

Terminal 3 is reserved for the two airlines Virgin Australia and the departures of Regional Express, also known under the abbreviation REX. They serve smaller and larger destinations within Australia, with Regional Express being an indirect successor to the former Ansett Australia. In Terminal 4, arrivals are handled by Regional Express. Otherwise, the terminal is the seat of the low-cost airline Tigerair Australia, which serves Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairn, Gold Coast, Hobart, Mackay (Whitsundays), Perth and Sydney from Melbourne Airport.


Oneworld & Codeshare

The aviation alliance "Oneworld" is having a particularly strong impact on Melbourne Airport. Many member airlines operate extensive code sharing, so that some aircraft, including the Airbus A380, operate under four different flight numbers.

The airlines relevant for Europeans on the eastern kangaroo route are Air Berlin, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Qatar Airways and, in the future, possibly Emirates.

On the western route via North or South America, the Qantas codeshare flights with American Airlines, LAN Chile or the Brazilian TAM may be of interest to Europeans. As a partner airline on the Far East route, Japan Airlines also shares some flight numbers with Qantas.


Terminals & Co

Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are located in one building and can be easily reached on foot from one another. Terminal 4 consists of its own building south of the main building and is around 150 meters away. The relatively narrow-looking main terminal is described by many travelers as confusing and poorly signposted. If you are planning to switch from an international to a domestic flight, for example, you should plan a sufficient time buffer.


Opening times & money

The international terminal is open 24 hours a day, which also includes terminals 1 and 3 due to the structural conditions. The locked Terminal 4 is occasionally closed at night and during flight breaks lasting several hours. You can safely wait or spend the night in the nearby Terminal 3.

A total of ten exchange offices are spread over two levels in the main building. Three are operated by the regular Australian bank ANZ and seven by the specialized currency exchange company Travelex. The exchange rates may differ due to the fees incurred and depending on the exchange amount.


Information & Internet

There is a tourist information desk on the ground floor of international Terminal 2, which is manned daily from 7 a.m. to midnight. Information on accommodation, transfer options to the city, to the airport and flights to and from Melbourne are provided here.

WLAN is available everywhere in Terminals 2 to 4 through the airport operator under "Free Wifi by Mel". Speed ​​restrictions may occur at Gates 12-20 in Terminal 2 International. Alternatively, the internet kiosks are available for a fee. In Terminal 1, Qantas provides its passengers and Jetstar passengers with a free WiFi connection.


Airport transfer & rental car

The cheapest line transfer options into the city are four public bus routes to different city regions. In addition, the Melbourne Airport homepage offers a carpooling service under the menu item "Bus and other services". The Skybus leaves every ten minutes for the city center.

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Six car rental companies also operate customer counters on the ground floor of Terminal 1 and 2.

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Shops & restaurants

A wide range of over fifty retail outlets, including the popular international and Australian retail chains, are located in the main building with Terminals 1 to 3 and, to a limited extent, Terminal 4. The ten or so gastronomic providers also include two branches of the major international fast food chains. There is a duty free shop in international Terminal 2.


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