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Nintendo hates these cards: The best Pokemon Go Live scanners for the browser

With Pokevision, Niantic Labs and Nintendo have switched off the most popular, browser-based live scanner service for Pokemon Go. But it doesn't matter, because we have found adequate alternatives.

Pokevision is dead: long live FastPokeMap

Hardly any other service for mobile Pokemon hunting was as widespread as Pokevision in the early days. Niantic Labs' service was promptly turned off and the use of the API was prohibited. But hardly any developer community is more active and larger than the one around Pokemon Go. IOS users in particular need a new and reliable browser-based solution, as scanner apps often do not last long in the Apple App Store. In the video we present two alternatives. Similar to Pokevision, the FastPokeMap offers a direct contact point in the way to uncover Pokemon in the area on a navigation map. The service is currently being overrun, so it is always overloaded at peak times. You won't have these problems if you set up the Pokemon Go Map on your home computer and then simply have the findings sent to your mobile phone. For this purpose, the developer has built in a stylish tunnel function that, if you wish, also follows your current location. You just have to keep the Pokemon Go Map running on your PC even when you're out on the Pokemon hunt. As with all scanners, the following also applies here: Never log in with the main account, always use a second account.

Pokemon Go: browser-based live scanner

Find Pokemon using community cards

The question of live cards has been clarified for the time being, but the point still remains open as to how players can get rare Pokemon in the first place. To do this, you usually have to rely on the experience of other players and exchange ideas. Here are a few tips.

  • If you are playing Pokemon Go in a town or community with some PokeStops, there are most likely already active local Pokemon Go groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that you should join. Here experiences are exchanged, in which places rare Pokemon are particularly common. Get the latest information on Pokemon sightings here and get involved.
  • Use so-called Pokemon Go community maps, on which Pokemon locations are recorded. The services PokeMapper and Pokecrew are worth mentioning here. The latter alternative has the advantage that users can rate the finds on the map using a thumbs-up and thumbs-down system. So you can quickly see which locations are really correct. OpenPokeMaps for iOS is also a good place to go for common Pokemon locations.

Pokemon Go Community Cards: Common Pokemon Locations

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