Looks better on straight or curly hair

Hairstyle and personality

A study commissioned by Kadus Professional and Londa Professional documents the connection between hairstyle and the effect one person has on others for the first time in a scientifically measurable way. 1000 test persons in five countries - Germany, England, Italy, Russia, Spain were interviewed.

One of the key results: People often underestimate the importance of their hairstyle on their lives and on its effect on others. The study proves how important the hairstyle is for one's own image and how changing the hairstyle can affect the judgment of others. Most people associate certain character traits with certain hairstyle styles and hair structures. It is interesting that the majority are dissatisfied with their natural hair.

The study also shows that most people are dissatisfied with their natural hair. Many people feel more self-confident with a new hairstyle, change their hairstyle after a change in life, such as a breakup, or they want to support their professional appearance at work with a new hairstyle. Indirectly, this shows that the importance of the hairdresser goes far beyond mere hair care. Prior to this study, there was little or no information about how hairstyle can affect personality.

The study proves with facts what was previously perceived rather unconsciously.

What hair length, shape and structure say about personality:

Short hair:

Most people often see a sign of intelligence in short hair and consider the wearer to be organized and tidy. Short hair is equated with professionalism and seriousness. Basically, short hair, especially younger women, makes them appear older and more distinguished.

Long hair:

signals openness and a more relaxed approach to life. Hair that is loosely pinned back or tied with a few strands falling out is characteristic of a friendly, sensual personality and honesty.

Curly hair:

is associated with extroverted personalities. Large, swinging curls promise fun and an exciting character. Very wild curls or frizzy hair, on the other hand, are more likely to indicate neurotic, anxious people. Silky, swaying curls clearly do best. Conclusion: If you want to appear full of energy, creative and full of ideas, you should opt for beautiful, well-groomed curls.

Straight hair:

with a lot of shine symbolizes professionalism and sovereign charm. Straight hair says, "I know what I'm talking about - but I'm still approachable and not aloof." In professional life, straight hair underlines a competent, conscientious personality. In the personal environment, the same attributes can be interpreted as strictness.

Thick hair:

expresses youth and vitality. Full hair has always been an expression of youthfulness and opulence. For evolutionary reasons, it is subconsciously equated with healthy genes. Unkempt, thick hair is also associated with amazement and a certain eccentricity, even volatility. That is why a well-groomed hair style is particularly important with full hair.

Thin, fine hair:

conveys sensitivity and vulnerability. It is associated with a warm, kind personality and arouses protective instincts. As long as you want to stay in the background, that's not a problem in your personal environment. But if you want to appear strong and influential, you should try to strengthen the hair volume or give the hair more weight with accessories