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Casual bass clarinet reeds European Cut
The Légère European Cut series for bass clarinet is a further development of the classic Signature series. The blade is characterized by a slightly shorter and wider shaft, which makes the approach pleasant. There are in the center ...
D'Addario Reserve Evolution Bb clarinet reeds
Reserve Evolution are the thickest reeds in 'D'Addario Reserve', which offer enhanced articulation and greater projection. They are suitable for advanced and professionals. The leaf is also characterized by a ...
31,55 € * 41,15 € *
Fiberreed Bb clarinet reeds Böhm Natural Classic
The 'Fiberreed Natural Classic' is characterized by a reinforced heart and a pronounced wedge shape. With its round sound, it is ideally suited for classic mouthpieces with smaller orifice openings. It convinces with a ...
26,40 € * 36,10 € *
Bari Bb Clarinet Reeds Star
Bari Star sheets offer a dark and warm sound with a large, focused projection. An immediate address is given. The reeds are available for the following woodwind instruments: Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, ...
20,60 € * 24,70 € *
Vandoren Bb clarinet reeds Böhm Classic
The Vandoren Classic reed for Bb clarinet Böhm is used worldwide by musicians from all genres. The reed produces a full tone with a lot of substance and brilliance. It also offers great flexibility and a ...
21,90 € * 30,60 € *
Steuer Bb clarinet reeds Böhm Exclusive
The high quality reed for demanding musicians. The durability is improved by a unique cut in the direction of the wax of the reed. The reed produces a full sound, is rich in harmonies with precise articulation ...
27,20 € * 34,20 € *
Vandoren Bb clarinet reeds V12
The 'Vandoren V12' leaves are made from reeds that have been specially selected for the 'V12' variety according to its proportions. Compared to the Vandoren 'Classic' blade, the 'V12' differs through a thicker shaft, ...
28,90 € * 40,25 € *
Royal by D'Addario Bb clarinet reeds pack of 10
D'Addario Royal reeds for Bb clarinet have a traditional French cut in order to optimize the response especially in the lower pitches and to give the tone more brilliance. The cut also makes it easier to play ...
17,95 € * 22,31 € *
Steuer Bb clarinet reeds Böhm French 1
The sheet with a universal cut based on German models. The leaf heart and the leaf ends are thicker than in the 'Classic' and 'Exclusive' controls. for Bb clarinet Böhm French Cut Series: White Line Model: French ...
27,20 € * 33,70 € *
Casual Bb clarinet reeds Böhm Classic
The casual reed with the classic cut is made of hard material and is intended to produce a darker sound. It has a stronger tip than the other Legere blades and is usually used by more advanced players ...
21,40 € * 25,00 € *
Casual Bb Clarinet Reeds Signature Series
Professionals in particular prefer the Legere leaves of the Signature series. They produce a warm, full tone in all registers. Signature Series blades are made of a harder material and are thinner than the classically cut ...
28,90 € * 34,00 € *
D'Addario La Voz Bb clarinet reeds
The La Voz sheet is favored by many jazz musicians. The 'unfiled' cut generates a deep and powerful tone. The reed is made of first-class reeds and therefore offers a very even response.
19,70 € * 25,68 € *
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