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What now helps against sun damage

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That is why you should go to the beauty doc in autumn

If you are really bothered by certain beauty problems, you can have them visibly alleviated with various mini treatments. No, we don't want to chase you under the scalpel, we just want to introduce gentle, minimally invasive measures for which it is too late when the temperatures get warmer again in a few months.

Because: They often require several weeks to heal and several weeks of abstinence from the sun. The reason: "If the affected areas are exposed to the sun prematurely, they can hyperpigment", warns the dermatologist, "that is, they darken." This is particularly important when planning a winter trip to the warmth or a ski trip in the mountains, where the strength of the sun is often underestimated.

You should take action against these beauty problems now:

Problem: wrinkles

The sun dries out the skin and also promotes the formation of free radicals that attack the collagen structure - wrinkles are therefore more pronounced in summer.

Treatment 1: micro-needling

That's how it's done: The dermatologist treats the affected areas with a so-called "derma pen". The needles attached to the electronic device penetrate between 0.5 and 2.5 mm deep into the skin and thus cause mini injuries (which should not be exposed to sunlight under any circumstances, as they could otherwise become permanent bruises). The purpose of the stimuli is to stimulate collagen production and regeneration of the skin. This results in the formation of new cells and wrinkle-free skin remains.
costs: Between 150 and 450 euros per session. The treatment should be repeated twice with an interval of 28 days.

Treatment 2: injections

That's how it's done: Injections with uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid are super-effective for less pronounced wrinkles and a good combinable measure for micro-needling for deeper wrinkles. These punctures are also to be kept out of the sun due to the risk of bruising.
costs: After about two weeks, the treatment should be repeated (approx. 220 euros), after which the skin remains wrinkle-free for at least six months.

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Problem: couperose

Couperose describes vasodilatation in the face, mostly in people with thin and sensitive skin, which are noticeable with protruding red veins on the cheeks and around the nose

Treatment: IPL laser

That's how it's done: The dermatologist uses the laser device to send light in different wavelengths onto the skin. As a result, the small veins that can be seen under the surface of the skin are practically desolated.
costs: Around 200 euros per session, which should be repeated three times every three weeks.

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Problem: spider veins

Spider veins are a type of varicose veins: dilated veins in the skin, usually on the calves, which are visible from the outside - especially in summer, as heat also expands the blood vessels.

Treatment 1: Neodymium laser

That's how it's done: Spider veins can be eliminated in a similar way to couperose: by desolation. Laser beams are directed onto the enlarged veins, irreversibly damaging the vessels and ultimately being broken down by the body. In a few weeks the spots will heal.
costs: Depending on the size of the area to be treated, from 60 euros. Usually only one session is necessary.

Treatment 2: injections

That's how it's done: There is also another sclerosing solution, "Aethoxysklerol", which is injected through a needle. Here, too, there are minor injuries, in other words: no sun exposure.
Costs: Also according to scope. The treatment (approx. 50 euros) does not usually have to be repeated.

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Problem age spots

Pigment disorders or so-called age spots are in many cases the receipt for extended, careless sunbathing.

Treatment: combination laser

That's how it's done: The laser works with two different wavelengths and thus reaches different problem skin levels. For example, in the range of 1927 nanometers, the areas of skin in which pigment changes such as age spots and photodamage are located, which can be targeted in this way.

costs: A session can cost between 200 and 600 euros, depending on the area and scope. As a rule, around four of these are necessary and should be repeated every four weeks. Often, however, patients are satisfied with the result after just a few treatments.

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Problem: melasma

Melasma are darker areas of the skin on the cheeks, forehead, chin or upper lip that are caused by the influence of hormones - for example from the birth control pill or pregnancy - and intensify after being in the sun. A sun blocker on the affected areas is therefore always mandatory, even in autumn.

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Treatment: chemical peeling

(Many dermatologists also offer treatment with fractional lasers. The problem: The rays could make the skin even more sensitive to light and worsen the pigmentation.)

That's how it's done: The substances (koji and azelaic acid) are applied to the areas by the dermatologist in order to practically peel off the superficial, darker layers of the skin. The healing process can take several weeks. "Before that, exposure to the sun would be particularly fatal," warns Dr. Golüke, "because the fresh layer of skin is particularly sensitive." As soon as the skin has recovered, it is very unlikely that the so-called pregnancy spots will return because the skin cells concerned have been destroyed.
costs: Patients have the choice between a one-time “Dermamelan peeling” at around 700 euros and six sessions from around 100 euros each at intervals of four weeks.

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