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Drypact - the quick-drying concrete

Accelerates construction progress

application areas

In building construction and civil engineering, Drypact is used for components where rapid drying is required, for example to be able to apply seals on bridges or coatings on floors more quickly. It is also used on parking decks and floor ceilings that have to be occupied quickly, as well as on balconies in residential and office buildings.


The rapid drying of Drypact speeds up construction progress by up to two weeks.
Drypact offers a high level of security against moisture damage to subsequent work due to residual moisture of <4% after 48 hours.
With Drypact, the use of energy-intensive and cost-intensive building dryers is no longer necessary.
Sealing of the concrete is possible as early as 48 hours after the concrete has been installed.

Product Information

Drypact is available as:
  • Drypact on request for different target moisture contents for your construction project.
  • Drypact is available as crane and pump concrete.
  • Please note: With Drypact it is always important to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the environment remain constant. The concrete should be treated well in the first few hours in order to enable an optimal and high drying rate. Thermal insulation mats are best suited for this (note the summer / winter side).

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