What's the biggest tattoo on you

Ouch! The biggest tattoo fails of the stars

In the vast majority of cases, a tattoo lasts forever. Therefore, anyone who wants to get a picture or a slogan stabbed under their skin should not rush this decision. In fact, a lot of people do. And even the stars and starlets are not immune from this mistake.

And so we see blurry and badly engraved tattoos on glossy pictures in magazines and journals, lettering with spelling errors or Asian characters that do not have the meaning that the tattooed person wanted.

Because the glee about it gives us so much pleasure as viewers, we have collected the biggest tattoo fails of the stars for you.

Stars are just people

Anyone who thinks that this is pretty mean, because stars are only people who make mistakes, should be told that the famous tattoo victims would certainly be financially able to eradicate their mistakes. If you want that. Because some people don't seem to mind the tattoo fail at all.

Rihanna, for example, not only shows a very blurry flower tattoo on her left ear, no, the singer also has other tattoo sins. We'll show you what these are on the next few pages.

And of course the tattoo fails by Ariana Grande, Ben Affleck and many more are included.