Is Quidditch a poorly designed game

If you've been waiting in vain for your Hogwarts letter as a teenage Harry Potter fan, then this is the time to listen. From now on you can enter the world of J.K. in the mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Immerse Rowling's sorcerer's apprentice.

Hogwarts is waiting for you!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery bears the name of the world's most famous sorcerer's apprentice, but it will not appear in the game. In a monologue, the Hogwarts headmaster reveals to Dumbledore that young Harry is safe after the attack by Lord Voldemort. So at the time of the game, he is still a toddler. The game is a roll-playing game - RPG for short. Thus, players create their own characters in it, with whom they can explore the Hogwarts wizarding school. There is no trace of the golden trio Harry, Ron and Hermione, but you can still look forward to meeting old friends like Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape or Minerva McGonagall. Even better: the actual actors from the films Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith and Warwick Davis lend their voices to their iconic roles Dumbledore, McGonagall and Flitwick in Hogwarts Mystery.

The game comes from the house of the developer Jam City and is published by Portkey Games. The latter are the in-house gaming label of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which focuses entirely on gaming content related to the wizarding world from the pen of J.K. Rowling is supposed to turn. In the following I will explain step by step how the game works!

1. Character creation

Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG, which means that you can first put together an avatar as you wish. You can choose from a male or female avatar and a small selection of hairstyles, face shapes, hair colors, etc. If you are not satisfied with the limited options, you simply have to wait a while and collect resources. Later in the game, all kinds of hairstyles, outfits, etc. can be unlocked with the help of coins or gems!

2. Connect your account to Facebook

It may seem like an option that you might otherwise ignore, but I recommend linking your Hogwarts Mystery save to your Facebook account. Only the shortcut makes it possible to save the game exactly. If this link is missing, you will be thrown back to the last automatic save point.

3. Off to Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley acts as a tutorial for the game. After receiving your Hogwarts letter, head down the shopping street to get all the school supplies you need. At the same time you will learn something about the plot of the game from the NPC Rowan. The eponymous “Hogwarts Mystery” seems to have something to do with your avatar's missing brother. What exactly this is all about is to be found out.

4. Choose your house and explore Hogwarts

After a short stop in Diagon Alley, it's off to Hogwarts! Shortly after a greeting from Professor McGonagall, you can promptly choose your Hogwarts house. Here I would have liked a test similar to Pottermore, because there only the answers to obscure questions decide whether you will be sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. As a new Gryffindor - in my case - you're finally ready for class at Hogwarts. The game is divided into the seven Hogwarts school years with ten chapters each, in which the aim is to uncover the mystery of the missing brother - and of course to attend the wizarding class.

5. In-game resources and attributes

There are three different resources available to the player in the game: energy, coins and gems. You need energy - in the form of blue flashes - to carry out actions, but it automatically recharges after a few minutes. If you are running out of energy, you can buy more energy with gemstones. You get gems by leveling up and can then spend them on new accessories. You earn coins by solving tasks. They are also required for accessories, but can also unlock new tasks. In-app purchases are also possible, but not necessary to play the game. For example, you can buy more energy for your character in order to be able to complete tasks immediately and not have to wait for the cooldown.

You can earn attribute points through interactions in dialogues. There are three attributes: bravery, empathy and knowledge. It is advisable to always keep the three attributes at roughly the same level. If you have too few points for an attribute, you may not be able to select certain answer options later.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a lovingly designed game that is primarily intended for all those who are still waiting for their Hogwarts letter today. Only occasionally small translation errors occur. In addition, the app has to be restarted every now and then and all in all it's a rather shallow game. Nevertheless, a nice and nostalgic reunion with the locations and characters of the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available for free on iOS and Android.

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