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pandemic Corona in Sweden: The special route has failed

König comments on the situation, thereby breaking a taboo

Almost 8,800 mainly elderly people died in Sweden with or from Covid-19 according to the most recently published figures from the end of December 2020. In his Christmas address, King Carl Gustaf broke a taboo and commented on the current pandemic policy, i.e. on the Swedish special route:

"I think we have failed. A lot of people have died and that is terrible. The Swedish people have suffered tremendously."

Carl XVI. Gustaf, King of Sweden

Situation much more dramatic than in Norway and Finland

By the end of the summer, most Swedes were still convinced that state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell had chosen the right path: hardly any bans, few restrictions, no mask requirement. Instead, behavioral recommendations. So society and the economy should be spared.

But the virus spares nothing or anyone. Here, too, the second corona wave arrived with full force. The situation is even more dramatic than that of neighbors Norway and Finland and other European countries.

At the end of the year there were already signs of turning away from the Sonderweg. First of all, the recommendations were tightened: avoid unnecessary purchases despite the fact that shops are still open, wearing masks, among other things in full buses and trains.

Misconduct by politicians annoys Swedish citizens

Shortly afterwards, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was photographed without a face mask in the middle of a Stockholm shopping mall and heavily criticized, including by Lena Mellin, domestic political commentator for the newspaper "Aftonbladet":

"Gallerian is a really big shopping center where there is not necessarily a crowd. Nevertheless, I think it would be best for Löfven not to go shopping at all. He makes himself vulnerable if he does not follow his own advice."

Lena Mellin, commentator on "Aftonbladet"

Shops are to be closed for the first time in mid-January 2021

Civil defense chief Dan Eliasson was also caught on Christmas vacation in the Canary Islands. Two days earlier he had asked his compatriots to refrain from traveling. This is one of the reasons why more and more Swedes are angry and suspicious. You can see more volunteer mask wearers in the country. And a government under pressure.

Health Minister Lena Hallengren wants to bring a new pandemic law through the Reichstag on Friday, which for the first time also provides for shops to be closed - and thus de facto the end of the Swedish special route.

"The Covid-19 Act is a framework law with which the Reichstag temporarily grants the government the right to enact more binding infection control measures. The law is to come into force on January 10 and apply until September 2021."

Lena Hallengren, Minister of Health, Sweden

Memorial service for the victims of the corona pandemic

A memorial service for the victims of the pandemic took place in the castle church of Drottningholm on March 11, 2021. A year earlier, on March 11, 2020, Sweden suffered the first death in connection with Covid-19.

News about Sweden's handling of the corona pandemic

The "Swedish special way"

In the fight against the corona pandemic, Sweden appealed for a long time to the common sense of the population, relied on recommendations and refrained from prohibitions and restrictions. Sweden is advised by the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

"Sweden's Sonderweg" is controversial: On the one hand, it is praised as an alternative, since the focus is on the people's personal responsibility. But it also met with strong criticism, as there were a particularly large number of deaths in old people's and nursing homes. In December 2020, King Carl XVI made a statement. Gustaf with clear criticism of the government under Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's handling of the pandemic: "Jag anser att vi har misslyckats." - I think we failed. "

In January 2021, the Swedish Parliament passed a temporary pandemic law that went into effect on January 10th. It provides for restrictions especially in the area of ​​sports halls as well as shops and shopping centers and for private gatherings.

The royal family announced on March 11, 2021 that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had tested positive for Covid-19. Both went into quarantine with Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar with mild symptoms.

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