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Blast; when a child suddenly fades in health and pines away, he has got a blast,—i.e.

a puff of evil wind sent by some baleful sprite has struck him.

Those who cannot sound the guttural may take the sound of k instead, and they will not be far wrong.] Aims-ace; a small amount, quantity, or distance.

The morality of magically forcing someone to fall in love, or sleep with, someone is rarely given much consideration, if at all.

Though it should be noted that in series where genuine Love Potions are common, they are often illegal or at least frowned upon.

Airy; ghostly, fearsome: an airy place, a haunted place. 'I'd allow you to sow that field with oats' (advise).

All to; means except:—'I've sold my sheep all to six,' i.e. This is merely a translation from the Irish as in Do marbhadh na daoine uile go haon triúr: 'The people were slain all to a single three.' (Keating.)Any is used for no (in no more) in parts of West and North-west.

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