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ADSelf Service Plus further allows an Administrator to: To bring about user self-password reset at the press of Ctrl Alt Del keys, ADSelf Service Plus provides its administrators with the GINA/CP client software, an extension of MS GINA, which comes with the additional functionality of displaying Reset Password/Unlock Account button in the Winlogon ("Ctrl Alt Del") screen.

For more details on GINA/CP client software, click on Managing Passwords Using ADSelf Service Plus - GINA/Credential Provider Deploying additional helpdesk employees though considered by most IT Managers / Administrators will address the ticket volumes for login password resets.

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information and a quick search facility to scout for information about peers by using search keys, like contact number, of the personality being searched.

This article is simply a summary of what I call importing things to know by reading Tech Net.

For any password self-service software, the foremost duty is to establish the identity of the user requesting password self-service.

When a user makes changes to his Windows Active Directory password using ADSelf Service Plus, the changes are automatically reflected in other systems too.

Domain users are protected from destined/accidental reset of domain login passwords by other users when using the service.

The self password reset software allows only those users who are enrolled in it by answering a set of hint question and answers and/or by entering their mobile number and e-mail id to perform a self password reset.

You can choose to exercise both these user identification methods for enhanced security.

Learn more about the need and benefits of Identity Verification process.

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