After updating bios audio clicks

This area is used when you want to restore the original state of your desktop PC or laptop without using CD/DVD disks. In this case, to restore the original capacity of the hard drive with the HDD Capacity Restore tool that we include in this article, you may need to remove the hard drive out of its original PC/laptop and temporary attach it to another PC.

Set processor scheduling to "Background services"This will improve the performance of your audio drivers on your computer.- Once finished, press "OK" If you wish to optimise your Windows 10 graphics for the best performance use the "Adjust for best performance" option.Disable Network cards Sometimes, network card drivers can cause problems with audio.MHDD can also access DCO (Device Configuration Overlay), and that allows you to not only change hard drive’s capacity, but also switch some hard drive functions, such as LBA48 support, Security commands support and others.Some manufacturers (for example, Dell and HP) use DCO to reduce capacity for marketing needs.

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