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Alec Baldwin (seen left with wife Hilaria) vowed to take a hiatus from Twitter on Saturday – but not before he got into a harsh exchange with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and his girlfriend, actress Asia Argento (right), over the Harvey Weinstein scandal Baldwin was criticized by Argento and Bourdain for implying that one of Weinstein’s alleged rape victims, Rose Mc Gowan (seen above on October 27 in Detroit), was wrong to accept a financial settlement rather than press criminal charges because it 'delayed justice' Baldwin has also been criticized for acknowledging that many in Hollywood had heard rumors for decades about Weinstein's alleged rape of Mc Gowan. Announcing his Twitter hiatus before his spat with Argento and Bourdain, Baldwin said it was 'never his intention' to 'blame the victim' and said that his 'heart goes out' to anyone affected by sexual harassment.

Baldwin and Weinstein are seen in this 2007 file photo‘Hey @Alec Baldwin you're either a complete moron or providing cover for your pals and saving your own rep. In an interview with PBS on Friday, Baldwin, 59, admitted hearing a 'rumor' Mc Gowan had been raped by Weinstein but doing nothing about it along with the rest of Hollywood. On Friday, Baldwin, 59, said it was down to Mc Gowan to pursue her case against Weinstein and admitted he and others heard rumors about the mogul's alleged attack on her for 'decades' but nothing was done to address it 'But what happened was that Rose Mc Gowan took a payment of 0,000 and settled her case with him. Explaining why no one else spoke up, he said it was because it remained an unproven rumor and argued that 'everyone' in every type of industry gives colleagues and employers 'the benefit of the doubt'.

Argento's claims were published last month in a New Yorker exposé which came within hours of a separate, equally shocking piece, by The New York Times which included allegations against Weinstein by Hollywood darlings Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.I've been involved with the Creative Coalition since shortly after the founding by (actor) Ron Oliver and (actress) Susan Sarandon and (actor) Christopher Reeve.I love to really roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty on any level when it comes to these sorts of issues, (i.e.RELATED VIDEO: How Tom Ford Found ‘Love at First Sight’—and Makes His 30-Year Relationship Last Hilaria wrote about how Alec’s health was in trouble when they first met — and how she helped get control of his eating problems.Though she was afraid to address the situation with him at first because they had just started dating, she noticed the problem right away.

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