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I actually got into music because of art and because of skateboarding: All those graphics and punk bands and fanzines—they were glued together in my brain. I had a bunch of paintings around at my house and someone said to me, "Why don't you just put them on Instagram? " And I didn't want to—it was just something else I would have to do. I put ten pieces in the group show and they all sold, which was insane to me, but inspiring.After the group show in New York they offered me a solo show in New York a year later, and it was a really great reason to hunker down in my studio and paint and paint and paint and really try to push it.But I've been painting and drawing my whole life, and I've got stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff.It comes from the same part of the brain that makes songs and makes drawings. Immediately, within three or four days of doing that, I was offered a group show in New York, at the same gallery I'm doing this solo show at.On the day of her first solo show at Joseph Gross Gallery in New York, spoke with the multi-talented Mosshart (who is also—rejoice!—working on new records with her bands The Dead Weather and The Kills) about her art... I just never had the idea of putting it in a gallery—that came from everybody else encouraging me to.

Alison insists Jamie is closer to her than anyone else and says their relationship is like that of a “married couple”. It's completely black and it's the fastest thing in the fucking world. " And they're like, "Yes, you would, but we have helicopters." I'm like, "Damn, OK." [Laughs.] But it's my dream car and I saved up for pretty much my whole life for it. When people go totally crazy on the ground and leave these marks and they just stay there, and for me, you walk by and you think, Someone had so much fun. And there are the marks that go off the road and you just think, Where's that guy now?Anyway, I've always thought those things were beautiful and I've wanted to capture it from an aerial perspective because if you're standing too close to it, it doesn't look like anything.There's no way of compartmentalizing everything in my head; whatever I'm taking in is coming out in some way. That was a term that was floating around in my head. When you write a song, you always have your audience in mind because you know it's going to be recorded and released and you know the process.I think I love painting so much because, for me, it's so fast. I ended up painting it on a picture, then painting it on another picture, and it suddenly became the name of the show. Because there are a lot of muscle car references, and there's a lot of speed in the show. This is different because I wasn't painting for a show, I was painting for me. I have a Dodge Challenger with a Hemi [ed note: That would be a V8 engine] that I had built for me. We have conversations like, "If you were chasing me, would I get away? So I had this idea that I wanted to paint with my car, and everyone talked me out of it. Also, I love skidmarks, burn-out marks, donut marks.

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