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(Author: Freddie Green) A Child Shall Lead Them : A group of kids arrive at a museum on a school field trip.

They are entering a room that supposedly has reproductions of works by Rembrandt detailing various aspect of the Christmas story up on the walls.

The kids discuss the meaning of the paintings, while the Guide can only talk about the technical details.

A small child unknown to any of the other kids adds a further depth of meaning.

(Author: David Winfield) A Day in the Temple : Two temple guards discuss the signifance of the arrival of Mary and Joseph to present their baby.

(Author: Annette Wetherbee) 30 Days in the Ark : The nitty gritty of life for the sons of Noah as they struggled to keep the ark clean during the flood. Hascall) A Brand New Star : A very simple traditional Musical Nativity Play for children.

(Author: Dan Wilson) A Beary Twisted Tale : When Goldie stumbles across the home of three talking bears, she is surprised by what she finds inside. Suitable for children 5-13 and special needs pupils.

(Author: Erina Caradus) 3 Shopping Days Till Christmas : Finding the true meaning of Christmas among the intense commercialism of the season is explored in this play, which includes extracts from two other scripts, making a full-length production.

The two scripts are: 'Christmas carols vs scripture' by Bob Snook ©1999 Bob Snook.

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