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“My roommate, a mid-twenties, single guy with a little lack of direction is home one morning (his birthday of all days) when he gets a friend request on Facebook from an easy 10, smokeshow that he has a mutual friend with.

So, since they have a mutual friend, it passes the “this is probably a creepy old dude” test and he accepts, at which point the dime-piece starts to message him and then starts a nude video chat with him.

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Think of the number of smoking hot chicks trying to bang them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter every day.

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Men are incredibly dumb when it comes to sex with attractive women.By the way, how awesome is this graphic from the Sunday New York Times.What age woman do men find attractive based on their own age from 20-50? (The women graphic was right next to it and women mostly find men around their own age to be the most attractive).Roommate of course obliges hot, naked chick and gives it back to her, at which point a screen shot is taken of my boy’s junk, and posted on his Facebook wall.He, of course freaks out, deletes the person, tries to hide the post from his wall, and get this, is messaged by a random dude asking for money or his dick is going to be all over the internet.

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