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Are you and a friend more than just friends or could there be something more brewing in the air?Even if you’re not sure of how you feel towards a special friend, here’s a quiz that can reveal the real truth on whether you’re falling for your friend or not. The person who makes your heart flutter every time they are around you.

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A few years ago, my now-girlfriend asked me out on a date.

I think he was kidding but when i went to sleep over at my bff’s house and when we were about to go to bed he hugged me and said he loved me (jokingly) but now more and more moments like thins keep happening. today was my birthday and he went up to me huged and kissed me on the cheek! ) then i made out with my balloon and asked me to suck his💗(i think as i joke but idk) and kept joking with me that he smashed me before 6th period and keeps joking about hooking up..

hes soooo hot and sooo popular and one of my good friend bit idek anymore.. So there’s a guy that I like and we’re really great friends probably for like two or three years now. We went caroling in december 2017 with a school group and i had jokingly said Dr.

We've known each other literally all of my life.

I think he might like me a little bit, but things are really complicated between us!

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