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It can happen unintentionally, though, with anybody. (MALE 1): If we are to be MEN of integrity, there is nothing wrong at looking at women to be of integrity, as well.Integrity does not mean “sinless” as we are all sinners.I know what it’s like grabbing onto a life and someone that I thought I had to have.It was outside of the plan’s God had for me— it almost crushed me and my walk with the Lord. God definitely wants us full of joy and content and fulfilled.

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That’s why with anyone special in my life—- that includes everybody– I would expect them to try and not take my feelings for granted. We have to learn how to communicate and to accept others with their faults and their strengths. Once God allows you to grow up in your love walk with — then I think you are more capable of sharing your walk with another in an intimate relationship.She would be upfront about her own feelings about you.She would not just be going out with you, stringing you along until someone better comes along. If I have given God my entire life, I have also given Him my dating life.We all have our moods and we may say or do things that we regret.If you are getting close and intimate with a woman of integrity, then she would not “play” or “toy” with your feelings.

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