Battlefield 2 bfhq not updating

Note: I will continually update this page as I come across more information so bookmark it and visit often.Update:6/29/07 I found another cool player stats site called BF2that is definitely worth checking out and also offers a large number of custom signatures that you can use.You do a head to head comparison with another player.

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Hopefully, we can get these stats rolling here on BF2Statistics and allow people to keep progressing after the Gamespy shutdown.In my time working with the Blue guys over at the Revive BF2 Project , I've learned quiet and bit and also got to test alot of my code against a HUGE user base.I will list some update notes below for you guys to have a look at... New Features: Hey folks, Just dropping into announce that I crafted a nifty little program for myself that will crawl through the leaderboard and backup everyone's official EA stats for BF2!In addition, it brings three new maps into the mix, as well as a new Dutch Forces faction. When I tried to choose my class I noticed I could not select any of my unlocks.

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