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A 68-year-old woman from Burbank, California, Blue Iris performs in “granny porn“, and guest-hosted the Howard 100 program .She rode the Sybian on April 6, 2006, and sidelines as a stand-up comic who performs weekly with her comedy troupe ‘The Ding Dong Show’.The deep-voiced Bigfoot is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) tall and has size 14EEE feet.He claims to be a schizophrenic suffering from sleep apnea and multiple personality disorder, and claims to be a former lighter fluid sniffer with a lengthy criminal record, including an 18-month jail term for breaking and entering.During the December 16, 2005 terrestrial finale webcast on Yahoo! had received instructions for Wack Pack to be treated “better than celebrities.” On June 19, 2006, Howard Stern announced a contest for the next Wack Packer, with the winner receiving 00. Angry Black is a black man who attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and works for a telephone company.Angry Black is an avid New York Giants fan, and once fought Crazy Cabbie in a five-round boxing match which ended in a draw.His insanity made everyone on the show laugh and he was called to make an appearance shortly after his call.Beetlejuice is a mentally challenged microcephalic dwarf.

In a 2006 show, Green admitted to taking Paxil and smoking pot to alleviate depression.During the show, Shuli and Bob Levy were searching for a girl to have him eat blue cheese dressing off of her stomach.Instead, Bob suggested a hefty fan from the audience named Tom to come on stage.In an April 11, 2008 interview with Howard 100 News, his mother said “he is retarded, though he doesn’t like to admit it.” He tends to finish many of his sentences with, “it is” (for example, “My nickname is Bigfoot, it is.”), and never with any apparent reason or regard to proper conjugation.It was alleged on February 5, 2007 that his girlfriend Lori, with whom he had been living since recently winning ,333.33 in Stern’s annual football pool, had kicked him out of her house, claiming not only that he falsely accused her and her daughter of having an incestuous relationship, but that he threatened to overdose in her home.

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    The site repeatedly stresses that it is 100 percent discreet. It has a system like that of Ok Cupid (albeit more advanced) where a user is given questionnaires to determine their compatibility to another user.