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But her personal experience of race has been blessedly untraumatic. It’s very different to the South.’ She graduated from George Washington University with an interdisciplinary degree. Obama’s victory was a particularly proud moment for Washington because she has been campaigning for him since 2008.

‘No one called me the N-word growing up,’ she says. ‘It was sociology, psychology, anthropology, dramatic literature. She serves on his Committee on the Arts and Humanities, helping schools in Washington DC expand their artistic programmes.

There was one acting class, “performance studies”, about the role performance plays in various societies and cultures.’ Nevertheless, she emerged with a desire to give drama school a try. And in the run-up to the 2012 election she joined Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson as one of Obama’s most visible celebrity spokeswomen. While Johansson is an enthused citizen, a spirited advocate, Washington is an orator.

At the Democratic National Convention she gave a speech of which any politician would be proud, weighted for emphasis, building to crescendos and pausing, when appropriate, for applause. The comedian Bill Maher hosts a panel show on HBO that is widely considered one of the most challenging on the circuit.

Bill Maher girlfriend list is made of about eighteen women and all of them are different.

In 2003 Coco Johnsen got the chance to be called as Bill Maher girlfriend.

So we’ve lasted nearly 10 years – that’s not bad by Hollywood standards! In the Oscar-winning The Last King of Scotland (2006) she played the wife of Idi Amin. 'At lots of different times in my career I’ve thought about walking away and doing something else.’ She laughs.

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In court the former Bill Maher girlfriend explained that she is suing him because of all the pain and suffering that he has caused and because he has insulted her and used humiliating comments.

She’s also represented Monica Lewinsky and Enron, and is reported to be advising Jill Kelly, one of the two women involved in the recent David Petraeus affair.

It’s a groundbreaking role – Scandal is the first prime-time television series in America to feature an African-American actress in the lead role for more than 30 years.

She stood her ground in a clash with the conservative CNN anchor Will Cain. When I thought that acting was about being on magazine covers, I thought it wasn’t for me.

The clip was then widely distributed, with fawning comment threads about brains and beauty and so on. 'But then I learnt that there are labour unions for actors where you could work your entire life and never be a household name, but still make a living doing what you love.

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