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“Her is about creating a space where lesbian, bi, queer, curious, flexisexual, pansexual and not-so-straight women can meet and find out what’s going on in their lesbian world.More social, less dating,” app founder Robyn Exton said.

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Bumble also just introduced photo messaging–but all photos are watermarked with the users name and face to prevent people from sending incriminating photos.There were either dating apps created for straight people, or dating apps that were bore a strikingly similar to Grindr, the gay male dating app with an infamous reputation for propagating hook-up culture.By contrast, Dattch features a pinterest-like layout which is heavy on pictures.And as for whether they’re better routes for finding love and companionship, that is an open question.Given Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’ve identified 6 dating apps created by women, some of which already have attracted criticism.

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