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MUSIC (Shash Maqam)Cara Rosehope: The Babylonian Diaspora lived within the countries of the Persian Empire.The Empire was a unified state, with a well- developed and a protected system of roads.MOSLEM PRAYER (recorded in the Guri Amir in Samarkand)Cara Rosehope: While some of its neighbours have embraced Islamic fundamentalism, I found Uzbekistan unexpectedly tolerant.I've seen brand new Orthodox churches, gold domes gleaming and bold, and though the majority of Uzbeks are Muslim, I've never yet heard the call to prayer.

MUSIC (Shash Maqam)Cara Rosehope: Aron Aranov lives in New York, in the borough of Queens, amid the large Bukharian community who have settled there over the last 30 years.This week we visit Uzbekistan, New York and Melbourne to hear their stories.Cara Rosehope: Hello, and welcome to Encounter on ABC Radio National.I'm Cara Rosehope, and today we'll explore the history of the Bukharians, the oriental Jewish community of Central Asia.For millennia, the Bukharians have lived at the crossroads of the east, but today they stand at a crossroad in their very identity.

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