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Some years after the completion of the NBA in 2007 its publisher Bärenreiter joined with the Bach Archive again to publish revised editions of some of Bach's scores.

These revised editions, aligning with the NBA editions (format, layout), but outside that group of publications, were published under the name Johann Sebastian Bach: New Edition of the Complete Works – Revised Edition (Johann Sebastian Bach: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke – Revidierte Edition), in short: New Bach Edition – Revised (Neue Bach-Ausgabe – Revidierte Edition), abbreviated as NBArev.

Occasionally works that have no BWV number can be identified by their BC number, e.g.

BC C 8 for "Der Gerechte kömmt um" an arrangement attributed to Bach on stylistic grounds, however unmentioned in the BWV.

Bachs Notenbibliothek (BNB) is a list of works Bach had at his disposition.

Works of other composers which were arranged by Bach and/or which he (had) copied for performance usually have a BNB number.

An upper case R added to a BWV number indicates a reconstructed version, that is a conjectured earlier version of a known composition.

One of such reconstructions, the Concerto for oboe and violin, as published in NBA VII/7 (Supplement) p.

BG cantata number = BWV number of the cantata): For instance, the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major now became BWV 552, situated in the range of the works for organ.The dating of BWV 1027–1028 is explained in detail by Jones (2013) in his analysis of Bach's instrumental works.including his flute sonata in E major (BWV 1035), the triple concerto in A minor for flute, violin and harpsichord (BWV 1044) and the trio sonata for flute, violin and continuo from the Musical Offering (BWV 1079).Although the dating of Bach's three sonatas for viola da gamba and cembalo has presented problems for musicologists, because only an autograph score of the first sonata BWV 1027 survives, there is now general consensus that the works were written in Leipzig at some time in the late 1730s and early 1740s.Prior to that commentators had suggested that they dated from an earlier period when Bach was in Cöthen or even beforehand: the viola da gamba player Christian Ferdinand Abel was one of the court musicians of Prince Leopold at Cöthen.

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