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Focus on what you like about yourself"We all look in the mirror and name the things that we don't like about ourselves or wish we could change," she said. It's fine because that's who you are," Colbie says."I always find it inspiring when I see women that are so comfortable in their own skin and it's just their presence. Trust your gut"I'd wear a certain outfit that a stylist recommended and everyone in the room voted on, but then I'd be uncomfortable and awkward in my performance," Colbie says.[Pre-Chorus] But i can't spell it out for you No, it's never gonna be that simple No, i can't spell it out for you [Chorus] If you just realize what i just realized Then we'd be perfect for each other And we'll never find another Just realize what i just realized We'd never have to wonder if We missed out on each other but...Young, talented and very much desirable, Colbie Caillat is inarguably a fresh singer ready to give music industry the re-shake up it's been dying for. Related: ‘Modern Family’ Star Didn’t Recognize Britney Spears Although she hasn’t shared a release date for the project yet, Caillat will be going on tour this fall with fiancé Justin Young and High Dive Heart. “I’ve always wanted to play an acoustic tour,” she said, according to the press release.

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Apparently, her music doesn't simply create a buzz but won the heart of those who have listened to it.

Ken Caillat used to work closely to Fleetwood Mac, co-producing the band's albums such as 'Rumours' and 'Task'.

Ken, who married Colbie's mother Diane, indirectly influenced Colbie as a musician even while she was young.

Once she grabbed the strings and knew how to handle the chords, Colbie started writing her own songs.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from within and simply flows.

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