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One interesting omission compared to every other trainer out there (especially ones over 0) is the lack of an additional quick release skewer.

I suppose many people have an extra one of these floating around, but still, it’s odd.

At the time both were set to ship by summer’s end, but like almost every other trainer company this year, those plans hit a few snags and delays set in.

Still, Hammer is now shipping and slowly becoming available throughout various distribution channels (the Magnus has been shipping a bit longer now, but is also backlogged too).

This is akin to virtually all other higher-end trainers except the Tacx Neo.

Finally note that the power adapter works for 110-220v, so you can use it anywhere on earth.

Instead, you’ll want to fold out its legs, which unlock via the small yellow buttons along the edges: You can adjust each leg’s foot, in case you have wonky-ass uneven floors like me.

It’s easy enough, and will likely take you 5-10 minutes if you haven’t done it before.

If you’re a frequent cassette flyer, then you’re likely looking at 2-3 minutes.

When it comes to cassette types, the unit accepts Shimano 8-11 speed cassettes.

The Hammer is the first resistance controllable direct drive trainer from Cycle Ops, but hardly their first trainer.

In fact, they had resistance controllable trainers out well before Wahoo and their KICKR. Though, pretty much par for the course insofar as trainer boxes go.

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