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Roozbeh Shafiee: As the technical director of Innfinision, since the first day of this company's establishment I have decided to use open-source technologies.

Using them is one of the main principles of our business.

The e Xpat Files Usually for the e Xpat Files we talk to folk who have moved to another country.

But this week, Vulture Weekend has varied things a little to chat to 28 year-old Roozbeh Shafiee from Tehran, Iran.

The reasons for using this software are community support, the lack of vendor lock-in, freedom to redistribute, the absence of charges for licences etc.

For home users, all ranges of products are available.

As readers doubtless know, Iran restricts internet access and hasn't always been keen on freedom of assembly.

It's also the subject of economic sanctions imposed by many nations that prohibit the export of technology.

It is caused by monopolistic policies in regards to software development and their source code.

We do use products from Red Hat and Canonical, two companies based in the US and England, under the laws of these countries.

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