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Bivolaru was involved in a number of trials in Romania, with some of the charges against him being human trafficking and sexual acts with underage girls and he currently has an international arrest warrant on his name for the latter charge.

He ran way from Romania after his legal issues started in 2004 and obtained political asylum in Sweden in 2005.

We have built, bare-handed, with shovels and buckets, tens of buildings, yoga halls and establishments, without any demands or thoughts of reward for our dedicated work, filled with aspiration towards God, without realizing that what we built around us was a prison, “spiritually” dominated work camps, governed by draconian rules that grew in number and absurdity. Lies have become the supreme Truth, especially for those who lead us.We partner with all the major messaging & voice platforms – such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon – as well as the best vendors in each enterprise vertical to build a unique portfolio of tools and solutions for your company’s needs.Roxana’s notes: I was asked to translate this shocking, heartbreaking letter from Romanian into English.During the review period, we saw teen boys without shirts dancing provactively.Rules & Community Guidelines forbid on-screen substance use, except for alcohol use by users over 21.

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