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Describing the scene, he said "I did have to stand up in front a group of people and tell them [as my character], I was gay. Steele said that she is "particularly proud" of the way Chris's storyline had been handled and she added "It was something we wanted to do for a while because it's a story that affects so many people and in so many different ways. I think it's interesting to see how [his sexuality] affected his friends and his relationships with them too".

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Steele backed this up, saying "We wanted gay to be part of Chris's character, not Chris to be the gay character.

The more time I spend on Neighbours, the more I feel part of the show. The thing about this industry is it's very hard to find stable work, so to have stability, I'm extremely grateful." Summer initially takes the news well and plays it down, but when fellow student Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) discovers that one of her classmates is gay, she goes out of her way to find out who it is and expose them.

Mason has said he was nervous about filming Chris's coming out.

He's not your typical gay stereotype that some TV shows like to play up.

He's on the basketball team, he's had a girlfriend for a time, and I think the show does a good job of portraying the way his character is discovering who he really is"."As actors, it is very challenging and exciting at the some time, and because of this, we have developed a connection.

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