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“You don’t get to do it that often, but you do it once and you get a buzz for it.You want to do it again.”At this stage of his career as a restaurateur, Colicchio says his real role is “coaching,” not cooking.Do you think chefs are by nature competitive and do you feel that way about yourself? Once you hit a certain level, you naturally select for people who are more competitive.

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The idea that every day you’re forced to create and you’re being critiqued.

Like a lot of TV, if it works a little, do it a lot.

I think the new contestants were a little bit challenged because the contestants that had competed before, they could have either almost mentored the younger chefs and showed them the ropes or they could have been real assholes.

So you really just had to keep it all about business and it wasn’t personal, but it was tough.

From the viewer’s perspective, it seems like the contestants get to know you guys fairly well, so has that been a challenge even in previous seasons? Obviously, we spend a good six weeks with them, pretty much seeing them every day, so we get a good sense of who they are as chefs and who they are as people.

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