Compare and contrast relative dating and radiometric dating

These examples also illustrate the importance of this evidence for science and society more generally.Evolutionary biology is a strong and vigorous field of science. A site created by students and educators to discuss and debate important issues — in this case evolution and creation — in a civil manner. This interdenominational group is “dedicated to promoting the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in politics and in public life.” While not focused on evolution per se, the Interfaith Alliance opposes other groups that “manipulate sacred scriptures to justify their political positions.” This lesson has been written by a science educator to specifically accompany the above article.

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However, the following offers a sample of the kinds of evidence that have been discovered and confirmed repeatedly by scientists.

Go to the Museum’s home page to learn much more about paleontology and evolution.

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Levels: high school - undergraduate Summary: This lesson examines patterns of change in nature, mechanisms of evolution, and factual evidence for evolution.

Students can produce a skit involving an imaginary meeting between Darwin and Mendel, create a newsletter to distinguish factual data from guesswork, evaluate web sites that deal with evolution…

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