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The revelation of paedophiles’ details inevitably imitated the policy surrounding ‘Sarah’s Law’, whereby the News of The World (NOTW) published the personal details of convicted sex offenders within the area.This campaign took place in order for the government to permit public access to the Sex Offender Register.Anger mediated the relationship between attributions (i.e., hostile, aggressor-blame, self-blame) and face-to-face and cyber aggression. I am studying Criminology at the University of Winchester.Two studies examined early adolescents' attributions and emotional distress based on social context (i.e., face-to-face versus cyber), utilizing ambiguous social situations (Study 1; N = 439; 223 girls) and hypothetical unambiguous victimization scenarios (Study 2; N = 414; 212 girls).The relationship of attributions and emotional distress to face-to-face and cyber aggression one year later was also examined.Generally groomers operate a “scattergun approach”, meaning that they will converse with a number of children at one time, hoping that some will respond.

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This case served as a dramatic catalyst towards the emergence of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 which intended to cover a wider range of sex offences, including online grooming, and sought to impose more stringent sentences.

Yet, they reinforced the notion that this is a duty for the police rather than members of the public.

Upon reflection, it is evident that the legislation surrounding online grooming is in need of reform.

In addition to this, Hunter secretly filmed the encounters and posted it on Facebook, effectively humiliating the predators.

The Channel 4 documentary managed to gain significant publicity following the honey traps; however, there has been frequent criticism over this form of public exposure.

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