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To my mind though, once dated, clean it, record the date together with the test results and the object so dating need not be an issue again.

4,200 Here is a properly signed beautiful and original watercolor by the most famous magazine illustrator of all time. Born in Brooklyn, NY, but spent most of his youth in San Francisco. The Indian is in full feathered headdress with Chest medallions. 1,350 This is a totally deco piece signed sculptured and properly signed by the famous Joseph Lorenzl. 975 Here is a rare and very collectible Handel Salesman's Sample.

The base is beautiful green veined marble, which is cupped to receive keys / change. I also have several smaller windows and many loose single tiles.

Measures 24" x 24" and is in the original window frame. These windows are commonly used in places like bathrooms where an authentic piece from the hand of the greatest architect the world has ever known can be enjoyed by all and is a real conversation piece.

Include dimensions either written in the post, or include a ruler in the photo directly up against the item, so we can have a sense of the size of the item. I believe jewelry should be polished if you intend to sell it as it makes it more desirable. A matter I know I've asked before, but still can't grasp the concept of is why a patina is so often sort after on various items of collectibles and why does it increase the items value.

This will keep all relevant replies together with the original post, rather than a sequential mix of comment wall posts relating to many various topics.At 21 he returned to NY and began his highly successful career as a magazine illustrator. Measures 9 " x 11.5" and is in excellent condition.This 16.5 x 13.5 piece was done for the cover of Ladies Home Journal July 1907 and is called "Double Trouble". Is hand painted and fires with copper frame and hanger.I also understand, if an item was found with considerable degradation already in place, then restoring the item back to mint condition is not really an option without replacing the worn or missing sections, sometimes that process is undertaken and other times it is deemed unfavourable as too much would require replacement leavnig little of the original piece.Take for instance coins, if a coin can be cleaned without causing any damage to the surface of the coin, thereby perserving the quality of the coin for future admirers, why is that a bad thing?

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