Dating daze

We are forever grateful that our officiant asked Joe and I during our ceremony to look over our shoulders and soak in all of the love that stands behind this marriage.

It was such an incredibly beautiful moment to step back and press pause on this special day.-Kaylee Marisa and Travis. These two dreamed of their vows being exchanged surrounded by the beautiful Blue RIdge Mountains in a romantic outdoor celebration.

PLUS: That was likely the first time any of our floral creations have witnessed a lip-sync off. It simply brings out a joy and warmth like no other time of year. Abby David shared their vows and love for each other surrounded by family and friends at Cecil B. Then, it was time to celebrate beautifully at 550 Trackside.

In one, he works as a costumed historical guide on a cruise ship plying the Mississippi through the Big Easy.

It is so incredibly special for the groom to see his bride for the first time not diluted with the guests. She invited us to create for her wedding to Jeremiah and we loved every minute of this picture perfect couple's incredibly hot celebration. These two shared such a time among family and friends at their lakeside home.

A time when the bride and groom are intimately captured with each other. Just as the sun began to fade, Shannon made her walk to her groom.

But no year past can compare to the celebration of this New Year's love. She is radiant, kind, gentle, faithful, encouraging and well, like I said, THE. We wanted that sweet walk that she would have to her groom to be surrounded by the same aroma, so instead of petals these fur babies dropped rosemary and lavender, with giggles.

Later on, Turner and Jonas were spotted on several outings, from LA dinner dates to joint trips to the recording studio in Beverly Hills. Before I could extend a handshake, Freddy and I locked eyes on the dance floor while Don’t Stop Believing was playing. By the end of the night, he had asked for my number (like a man) and the very next day, he called and asked me on a date.We spent 7 months “long distance” dating, before I decided to up and move to Marietta, where he was planting church.We both were at The Big Fake Wedding at Monday Night Brewing, Freddy as a fake groomsmen, I as a party-goer.Because Freddy is “Atlanta-famous” (in my eyes at least), the second I saw him, I was scheming on how I was going to introduce myself.

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