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By far the most popular is Thermae 2000, one of the country's largest spa establishments and famous for its warm spring-fed baths and pools, its healing mineral waters, and its botanical garden. Along the way, you'll also come to the old town walls, remnants of the 14th-century fortifications, along with the two town gates, the Grendelpoort and the Berkelpoort.

Housed in an ultra-modern building on the banks of the River Maas that resembles a 1950s version of a rocket ship, the superb Bonnefanten Museum is where you'll find Maastricht's most important art collections.

The signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 saw the city become the symbol of the European Union, with the first meeting of the original 12 member states being held in Linberg House. Servatius, the first Bishop of Maastricht, Roman Catholic St.

Servaaskerk is the oldest church in the Netherlands.

The Wilhelminabrug, a bridge built over the River Maas in the early 1930s, is a good place from which to begin a walking tour of Maastricht's picturesque riverside districts. Servaasbrug, a splendid seven-arched 13th-century bridge notable for its statue of St. Be sure to visit the historic Wyck District on the right bank of the Maas with its remnants of the old town wall.

You'll eventually come to the old Town Hall (Stadhuis) in the Markt.

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