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Our sex life is beyond boring, we cant go in public together, and for good reason his wife and my exhusband are not happy about what we have done. To ruin a spouses life and reputation over something YOU did is cold and calculating. Like a recovering addict needs to be honest so do you. Finally, waiting for the other cheater to divorce to be with you is idiotic. Now I feel horrible for what I have done to my daughter and my exhusband as my decisions took their entire life away from them without any notice or regards for what damage it was going to cause. The easiest woman to get single or married is one like you who says they are "insecure". My affair turned into a relationship of sorts as it got out to his wife. All of the children have been scarred badly from this, especially my daughter as I kept her from her father for almost 2 months baject of my affair to divorce his wife for good. I have now been waiting for him to divorce for almost 6 months in which he always has an excuse why he cant. I could not deal with this as we had a beautiful daughter and 2 successful businesses we built together. I am very insecure, not social, and began to feel angry and needed to do something to avoid the humiliation and sadness that comes with divorce.For reasons I cant explain, I made a series of irresponsible decisions that destroyed 2 different families including mine and my daughter.I dont even know why I am waiting for this relationship to happen as its built on a foundation of lies and hurt we caused. I cant even say for sure I love this man as he was just there at a time in my life when I had nothing to help me.

I decided to immediately file for divorce and also made the decision to accuse my husband of enough things to get a restraining order put on him.

just wanted a fair decision and not made to pay an amount borne from greed and deception," Sherri shared on Twitter this week. time to put this mimosa down and log off twitter before ex hauls me back in court for making him look like a gold digger."She added, "For the record…

I always offered to financially care for my ex-husband's son.

As the affair progressed and things kind of got out of control, right before mothers day, my husband learned of the affair.

This was not something I was prepared for and had no idea what to do.

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