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That said, here are four 'not so obvious' signs that flirting has gone too far.When You Think About Flirting With the Same Person Let's face it, flirting is fun and can make us feel good.And if either partner violates a promise or commitment you've made to the other, then you have a problem regardless.It's obvious that flirting motivated by romantic or sexual desires crosses the line into infidelity. Often, flirting begins innocently and progresses, blurring the line between harmless fun and inappropriate behavior.And when that happens outside of a committed relationship, the line between innocent fun and intentional infidelity is blurred. When should a committed person (or their partner) become concerned that flirting has gone too far?This article explains the various types of flirting and alerts you to four signs that your 'flirting' is 'flirting' with cheating.When You Feel Guilt-Ridden Would your partner feel betrayed if they could read your mind and experience your feelings when you are flirting with your friend?

Relationally Motivated Healthy flirting between partners who seek to intensify the intimacy in their relationship.But daydreaming, reminiscing, and looking forward to playful flirtations with one person is a sign that more is developing.Ask yourself this question, "Do you often catch yourself thinking about your flirtatious friend when they're not near you?That definition may be accurate for innocent flirting, but we all know that some people have bigger intentions.Many people flirt to explore the potential for a romantic or sexual relationship.

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