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It was one of three seasons included on TV Guide During a trip to the beach, Monica, accompanied by Joey and Chandler, is stung by a jellyfish; the only remedy they can think of is for someone to pee on the sting. Ross and Rachel get back together until Ross cannot stand Rachel thinking he has taken full responsibility for the flaws in their relationship. A cat enters the coffee house and sniffs around Phoebe's guitar case.

When Phoebe picks the cat up, she believes that her dead mother's spirit is inside it.

Monica starts her new job as head chef at a restaurant, but since her unflattering newspaper review resulted in the previous head chef being fired, the kitchen staff hate her and torment her constantly.

On Chandler's suggestion, she hires Joey as a waiter with the purpose of firing him to intimidate the other staff into obeying her; the plan falls through initially after Joey receives good tips from patrons, and he is reluctant to lose his job.

After Monica accidentally gets ice in her eye, she visits her new eye doctor, who turns out to be out of town, and is seen by Richard's son (Michael Vartan).

She then invites him over for Thanksgiving, which the others do not approve of.

Ross' new girlfriend (Rebecca Romijn) seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty.Chandler buys Kathy a first edition of her favorite children's book for her birthday.He tries to help Joey (then dating Kathy) buy a present that is comparable to his own, but Joey only ends up purchasing something very meaningless and inexpensive.Chandler tries to set Rachel up with a guy from his office, but couldn't succeed.Phoebe tries to write the perfect Christmas song about her friends.

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