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Three months later, his co-commissioners would follow him out the door.Sinclair, a commanding yet empathetic authority deeply rooted in the Indigenous community, had initially turned down the TRC’s top job.But together, their accounts provide the first clear picture of why an inquiry born of such high hopes no sooner started than began to fall apart.How much of the criticism levelled at the inquiry is well-founded is, itself, hotly debated. C.’s Indigenous court in New Westminster a decade ago without a budget from the government, wonders whether some of it arises from misogyny.Several weeks earlier, an open letter signed by more than 30 advocates, Indigenous leaders and family members urged the inquiry’s chair to “mitigate the damage and fundamentally shift [her] approach,” suggesting the process was in “serious trouble.” Under all that pressure, the protective casing that once kept these disputes inside the family—a shared commitment to victims and the process—has come undone.Maclean’s has spoken with more than a dozen well-placed sources, from family members of the murdered and lost who tried to engage with the inquiry, to the commissioners who have stayed on board and the people inside the inquiry who grew despondent and quit.

“Well, call me crazy, but if you do that, you’re going to crash.” From left, Commissioners Marion Buller, Qajaq Robinson, Marilyn Poitras, Michele Audette and Brian Eyolfson listen during the announcement of the inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women at the Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec on Wednesday, Aug. We have seen this all before, in fact: the whispers of a power struggle.In June of 2009, a little over a year after Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission launched, Murray Sinclair, an iron-spined Anishinaabe judge from Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s Bench, was named its new chair, replacing Harry La Forme.The judge from the Ontario Court of Appeal had quit four months into the job, citing “incurable harm” caused by his two co-commissioners’ “repeated” refusal to “acknowledge his authority and leadership” as chair (according to one media leak, La Forme asked his fellow commissioners to address him as “Your Honour”).But he felt the commission “had really let the survivors down,” he later said, explaining his decision ultimately to accept the role.The Manitoba judge, who speaks in a baritone that seems to rise from deep within, would go on to steer what is considered the country’s most successful commission of inquiry to completion before his elevation to the Senate last year.

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