Dating heart man

It’s almost as if everyone’s given up, content with more of the same they’ve bought into a pre-determined way of life that will not end until their proverbial bucket is kicked.

You see this relinquishing of fate in neighborhood barbecues and dinner parties.

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It’s the ease of it all, the routine, the complacency.

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There’s no thrill in safety; it’s within our grasp.

We’ll never feel the thrill of victory nor the shame of defeat.

We’ll never feel the pounding of our hearts as we creep too close to death’s door in a daring act.

We’ll never fight for anything nor have the opportunity to die for anything. It can’t handle the men who remain wild at heart, or at least it thinks it can’t.

The wild heart we once had as wee lads was tempered and replaced by one more subservient. It’s fallen pray to the myth of safety like the rest of us.

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