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Eventually, her desire for companionship forces her back into the dating scene, with disastrous results.Even the most perfect of men can’t seem to pull her out of her funk. Almost everything about them is right, but the things that are wrong are wrong.There's Each project is very different, but they share one thing in common: Depicting interracial love as something that simply exists — an everyday occurrence that is normal, not something that constantly needs to be debated, discussed, or fixated upon whenever it happens on screen.It’s only taken about a century, but Hollywood is "You see a lot of movies with the same types of character, and one thing [director] Matt Spicer and I had talked about early on was wanting these characters to feel like real people in the world," says Plaza, who stars in and produced .

Otherwise I'll end up with a show like "There are a few things that need to happen: First, more diverse casting directors, because I believe the more diverse people we have filling these roles, the more of a difference we'll see on screen," says Boast. As casting directors, there's a lot of pressure to get bankable names to attract audiences, which traditionally has meant two A-List white actors.And when they did happen, the colours of their skin were central story lines: There was 1975’s "The issue with the phrase 'diversity in Hollywood' is that it points to these occurrences on screen as something different or special," says Russell Boast, Vice President of the Casting Society of America."There's been a kind of glamorisation of diversity, where creators think that having it means it has to be a plot point.There was a very cosmic kind of thing that happened with him, which shows that sometimes the unexpected casting choice is the greatest."It's about time.In 2015, 17 percent (that’s about one in six) of American newlyweds married someone of a different ethnicity or race, according to this year’s Pew Centre report.

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