Dating old shotgun houses

If you had told Huss just 10 years ago that there would be a chicken coop—a chicken coop!

—and vegetable plots across the road, he wouldn’t have believed it.

This space took the whole project from tiny house to practical home.

Having just one living area would’ve really made this house feel cramped, but this large office and sitting room transformed it and made all the difference.

The Bells purchased an empty lot and we moved the house to the area of town they were most interested in: a spot just a mile away from the Baylor campus.

When we began work on this house, it quickly became clear that it was going to be one of our most unique Fixers to-date.

The Bell family was an adventurous couple that could see the potential in this tiny house.

As always, we hope they’re happy here for years to come.

Several neighbors stop by for cartons of eggs; others pick the last of the hot peppers from the half-acre space.Cameron loved the history of this house and the fact that this was one of the only two shotgun houses in Waco.The biggest issue with this house was that it needed to be moved to another location because the land was sold to a developer.Mothers push baby carriages along the sidewalk and pause to chat.Across the street, Stephen Huss stands outside his circa-1890s shotgun-style home and shakes his head in wonder.

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