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The Bells purchased an empty lot and we moved the house to the area of town they were most interested in: a spot just a mile away from the Baylor campus.

When we began work on this house, it quickly became clear that it was going to be one of our most unique Fixers to-date.

The natural light in this room opened it up, and the patterned concrete tile was fun and paired well with the color of the Bell’s bedroom.

One of my favorite areas was the loft office area upstairs.

To avoid taking up prime real estate by building a full-on staircase, we installed this ship ladder staircase that’s operated on a pulley system.The Bell family was an adventurous couple that could see the potential in this tiny house.As always, we hope they’re happy here for years to come.t’s a sunny Saturday morning on the west side of Covington, Kentucky, and the kids are feeding leftover Brussels sprouts to a flock of chickens at a community garden.Several neighbors stop by for cartons of eggs; others pick the last of the hot peppers from the half-acre space.

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