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Skid Row, a community of thousands of homeless people in an industrial area on the outskirts of downtown L. But maybe three apartments open up each month, so everyone else just wanders.That’s really what we did: We walked aimlessly, from breakfast to lunch, waited on the lunch line, then walked aimlessly again in that hot sun.When I gave it back, under threat of arrest, they said, “We’re shooting your social security number all over L. There were people dealing right around the corner from the police station, and there were busts every day.A., so you’ll never be able to sell another drop of blood.” Homeless people teach homeless people how to survive. For 20 days or so after a big bust, it would be like the Serengeti. The days when I didn’t have money for crack were brutal.I boarded with enough heroin to kill a herd of elephants, enough crack to last the next couple of days, and a vestige of hope that, just maybe, I could build a new life in L. In the morning hours in the bush behind Union Station, I would normally be crashing from the night before, making a desperate attempt to get some sort of sleep and hide from the sunlight—using alcohol, pills, heroin, whatever, because I’d run out of crack.Most days, I would get up and go to the Amtrak bathroom to wash my face and brush my hair.In the bush I could sleep as late as I wanted and get high by myself. When other homeless people passed out in doorways, I would steal their full carts and take them to the scrap to claim their .

The child also told investigators, according to the criminal complaint, that his mother locked him in his room in the dark, left him alone at night, and “always” wanted him to sleep.

So I woke up suddenly in the early hours, sopping wet and freezing cold. THAT WAS MY FIRST night inside the bush where I would live, in a cardboard box, for five months.

It was a miracle that I’d found the place, just at the back of Union Station.

I got back in that bush and realized that, man, I’d made a mess of things. At one point, I was making six-figures cash, selling to some pretty rich and famous clients and enjoying life.

But somehow everything changed, like my addiction was telling me, “No, stay in that chair and smoke crack, all day.” I caught a charge, then violated my bail conditions when my case was referred to a drug court. So I robbed a heroin dealer and used the cash to buy an Amtrak ticket.

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