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An animated short that takes the audio of an interview with industrialist, and energy pioneer Andrea Rossi and adds puppets to create a funny romp where the interviews Tom and Doug manage to capture a portrait of this scientist while talking about seemingly nothing at all. 8,123) are white and the perfect number frames (6, 28, 496, and 8128) are red.

See and hear prime and perfect numbers in a mathematical flicker film dedicated to experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad (1940-2016). See math and numbers brought to life in a visual depiction A shy guy at a bar during cosplay night meets an outgoing woman who encourages him to meet people.

The short film is inspired by the 2000 AD Comics Strontium Dog stories, created by Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

A young boy begins to come of age when he is confronted with some hard truths about how life can be disappointing.

The short documentary asks the question of how far a Singaporean brand can go in an international scene.

Two geeky video bloggers find themselves trapped when all the tropes of the trashy films they adore begin to infect and replace the laws of our own universe.A Singapore-based collective practices a specialized art called card flourishing.It isn’t magic, but an extreme amount of ergonomic skill and dexterity where they make playing cards dance in their hands.Anfang März präsentieren zehn Teilnehmer Innen des interkulturellen Fotoworkshops Rostock durch meine Augen - eine Initiative der Rostocker Stadtmission - ihre Arbeiten im Foyer des Volkstheaters.In ihren Bildern halten sie ihren Blick auf ihren neuen Wohnort Rostock fest.

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    A trunk group (TG) is a (comma-separated) ordered list of trunks.

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    This agreement prompted Lindelof and Cuse to develop a storyline for the Video Diaries that would include Lost's regular characters, although not all of Lost's regular cast signed contracts.