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While they cowered in a bedroom Gerda found her own gun and shot him dead. ‘You can’t go through something like that and not walk with it hand in hand. While she is respectful of her mother, ‘I have a lot of qualities from my dad. But it took a few months and I went through a bad depression.My parents were very different people, but the thing they had in common was a great lust for life. I was 17, and my mum came out and said, “Shape up or I’m shipping you back to South Africa and you can be depressed there.” ‘We talked until the sun came up and ate 4lb of ice cream.It makes sense of why Charlize likes to tell stories.

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I ask her what made her want to play the role of the contented wife, Mary.When she met her boyfriend of seven years, Irish actor Stuart Townsend (on a movie called Trapped), she took a year off, because love was more important. I believe that you make time for things that you really want to do with the people that you really want to be with,’ she says. I’d just bought a house in LA and he’d bought this incredible apartment in London.So is the conflict in Hancock – where a happy woman in a stable relationship is made restless by a new passion – really about her own seven-year itch? She has met and worked with many attractive men, so what was it about Stuart that made the connection special? We had both just got out of long-term relationships and were planning to start new lives – but our lives couldn’t have been further away from each other.‘Producing has filled something in me so I don’t need to go in front of a camera to feel satisfied.But I do feel that in Hancock we really push the envelope.

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