Datingjewish museum in new york city

I’m not here to condemn you for it, but to explain why.

The Holocaust was the single greatest crime in history. But even I – having immersed myself in its details throughout my life – was astonished at its scope and horror when I took my family on an extended Holocaust educational journey this past summer for a book I’m writing.

There are three synagogues and one Sephardic Jewish Educational Center.

One is the Centro Israelita de República Dominicana in Santo Domingo, another is a Chabad outreach center also in Santo Domingo, and another is in the country’s first established community in Sosua.

Since then the Jews were put under permanent persecution for practicing their religion and had to face several times the dilemma of either converting to Christianity, or leaving Spain.

Although some individual Sephardic Jews are less observant than others, and some individuals do not agree with all of the beliefs of traditional Judaism, there is no formal, organized differentiation into movements as there is in Ashkenazic Judaism.

Over the next days the SS tore 6,000 children from their parents and sent them to a certain death.

Then Canada opened its Holocaust museum without even mentioning the word “Jew” on the plaque outside the building, that spoke of the “millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust.” Yes, they corrected it, but it demonstrates a growing disassociation of the Holocaust from Jewish suffering, something I witnessed in Budapest where there is a moving memorial on the banks of the Danube to the shoes of the victims of the Nazi terror that does not once mention the word “Jew.” This despite the fact that nearly half a million Hungarian Jews were murdered in just a few months in 1944. If the Holocaust is not so horrible – if we can make jokes about it or assert that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, or if we can dilute the identity of its victims – then it will lessen our resolve to fight genocide in our time.

I was never offended by your Holocaust humor, not even by the famous “survivor” episode, where participants in the CBS TV reality show of the same name met with survivors of the Holocaust.

But, respectfully, your humor in your Saturday Night Live opening standup routine last week, in which you thought up pick-up lines for dating Jewish women in a Nazi concentration camp, really crossed a line.

Sadly, very few of the city’s current inhabitants had any idea where the memorial lay, even though it’s smack in middle of town.

I need not list all the horrors to have you understand the unimaginable suffering of families during the Holocaust, a crime that claimed six million lives, among which were 1.5 million children. Memory of the Holocaust is under attack all over the world, and not just by antisemites and Holocaust deniers.

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