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It appears, however, that the story's most esoteric elements are not true.

Thumbprints are an actual way of consuming LSD, but not through a secret initiation administered by watchful elders.

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But thanks to a new book by Jesse Jarnow, Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America, we have new Deadhead-LSD stories to replace the old.

Your ability to withstand the thumbprint proves that your karma is clear -- can't have spir-itually impure people climbing the ranks of the GDF.

The test also proves that you are not an undercover cop, or so says the myth, because no cop could maintain their cover under such a powerful acid trip. Perhaps the most popular recounting comes from, a website primarily dedicated to psilocybin mushroom cultivation.

Either way, it was definitely a good soundtrack for tripping -- and when the band peaked, you wanted to be there!

Dedicated heads would travel across the country, to attend every single show. Pre- and post-show tailgating evolved into a carnival ba-zaar of VW buses, drum circles, tie-dye, and the occasional naked dude running around yelling about God.

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