Developing and validating multiple choice test item

It addresses the most basic and critical topics with respect to conformance, including how to convey what is required for an implementation in order to conform and how to allow variation among conforming implementations.The term [ISO-GUIDE] as meaning a document that prescribes requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process or service.Evidence of interoperation between at least two implementations of this specification are documented in the Implementation Report.The Working Group's Patent disclosure page, in conformance with the W3C Patent Policy of 5 February 2004, contains patent disclosures relevant to this specification.Editors and authors are busy, under pressure to get the specification published, and already have a reading list of W3C documents. This document can be used as a checklist of things to consider, a how-to guide with examples and techniques that can be adapted, and a reference for understanding conformance concepts and terminology.The primary audience of this document is editors; however, it is applicable to a broader audience including: This document makes no distinction between the terms editors and authors and refers to them collectively as editors.As explained in this specification's conformance clause, the Requirements are necessary for claiming conformance to Specification Guidelines, and the Good Practices are recommendations that will further benefit the quality of a specification.

End users benefit from having interoperable solutions.

It provides guidelines for improving conformance-related characteristics.

In that respect, this document differs from other W3C process and publication-related documents.

This document has been produced by the QA Working Group, as part of the QA Activity.

The English version of this specification is the only normative version. If you have any comments on this document, send them to [email protected], a mailing list with a public archives. This document only had minor editorial corrections since it was published as a Proposed Recommendation.

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