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Early last fall while Tony and I were savouring our marvelous holiday on Vancouver Island, my lovely friend - and perpetually stylish fellow vintage blogger - Brittany from Va Voom Vintage posted the following question on my personal Facebook page: "I was just admiring some of your beautiful vacation photos and I thought I would love to see a post on tips for wearing vintage gloves! I'm never sure what sleeve length looks best with glove lengths, glove etiquette, how to care for them and keep them clean, etc.I'd love some tips on how to wear them casually also.I always feel too dressy with gloves but your outfits look so relaxed and effortlessly stylish!" I'm immensely touched that Brittany asked for some of my thoughts on this topic and that she sees me as a lovely example of someone who knows how to sport gloves successfully.Generally speaking, unless your personal style veers towards the dramatic, goth, steampunk or Victorian side of things, you won't frequently wear such styles of gloves and may not need to own them at all (though they are fun to have all the same, especially for dramatic ensembles and costume parties).For centuries gloves have come in a wide range of materials, with even more bursting onto the scene in the twentieth century thanks to the invention of various synthetic fabrics.

Though buying gloves may not have been meet with quite the same élan or thrill of shopping for a new hat, dress, suit or coat, they were still something that most women enjoyed purchasing and owned multiples of, so as to have the right pair for just about any occasion or ensemble that life threw their way.Though gloves did make a bit of a resurgence in the 1980s (and not just fingerless styles Madonna and Cyndi Lauper), an era that was very keen on reviving many elements of 1940s and 50s fashion for a spell, this once staple ingredient of a woman's wardrobe has never truly come back into full-fledged use again.As society (in general) continues to prance down an ever more casual sartorial path in most instances, though dress gloves (aka, non-winter gloves) may have a small surge in popularity again every now and then (especially on the design cat walks), I'd be willing to bet you a steak dinner that they'll never become a key player in most ladies closets ever again.One can commonly find vintage gloves in the following materials: leather (very much including buttery soft kid and doe leather), suede, faux suedes and leathers, silk, nylon, acetate, rayon, jersey, cotton (including crochet cotton), wool, and lace.Silk gloves were still very much in use until the 1930s and continued to be seen on a less frequent basis after that point, but the need to ration silk during the war years meant that gloves were frequently made from available natural and synthetic fibers instead and many vintage gloves from the 1940s and 1950s that you'll come across today are suede, leather, nylon, rayon, satin, acetate, and cotton, in particular (of course, in theory, a pair of gloves could be made from virtually any material that could be sewn, knit or crochet, by those listed above are amongst the most common).

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